Universiteiten in de Verenigde Tampere de Finland

Top Scholen & Universiteiten in de Verenigde Tampere, Finland 2019

Universiteiten en Business scholen in Tampere. Vind alle informatie over de top gerangschikt universiteiten in Tampere hier, en rechtstreeks contact met hen!

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Tampere Universities

Finland Tampere August 2019

The University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have joined forces to create a new model for higher education in Finland called Tampere Universities. Our areas of focus are health, society and technology, and our strength lies in combining areas.

Tampere University Of Applied Sciences

MBA Finland Tampere August 2019

Welcome to the most popular university of applied sciences in Finland! TAMK has a good reputation among students; its fields of study are interesting and its graduates are in demand on the job market. TAMK is also highly respected in all sectors of working life - both as a successful educator of bright new professionals, and as a valued partner in many forms of collaboration.